Partnership for Siemens

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More than 45,000 students make up the base for Germany's largest technical University.

RWTH Aachen is a place, where the focus is on the future of our industrialized world. The university proves increasingly to be an internationally known hotspot, where innovative responses to global challenges are developed. Conducting research is one task – transferring this knowledge to the industry and keeping up the constant exchange is the second important task of universities.

Currently, there are eight Collaborative Research Centers:

Additionally, RWTH Aachen University takes an active part in Collaborative Research Centers in other regions. More Information can be found here.

Research Institutes

At RWTH Aachen University, there are 15 Affiliated Institutes, 5 Fraunhofer-Institutes, 2 Helmholtz-Institutes, 1 Leipniz Institute and 27 Research and Competence Centers.

Further Information about research and structures at the University can be found on the RWTH Homepage.

CKI Events

Over the course of the year, we organize several events to connect Siemens and the RWTH. This includes professors, academic key personnel as well as excellent students.

You can find more information about current events on this website.

  • Siemens Brunch
    Approx. 40 students get the chance to talk to representatives of different Siemens Divisions during the rather relaxed Siemens Brunch and get answers to their questions. The small amount of participants allows for intense and fruitful discussions.
  • CKI Conference
    The CKI Conference of RWTH Aachen University is the yearly framework for strategic partnering between Siemens and the University. During interactive sessions and inspiring keynotes, decision makers and key personnel from both partners get in touch and exchange ideas.