Cooperation opportunities

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Siemens works together with the RWTH on different levels. A few of the cooperation formats are explained here.

Bilateral Research Project

Research projects are arranged between Siemens and individual partners at the university (e.g. one institute). Contents, goals and the exact form of collaboration may vary in this context. Those research projects are either conducted by the university alone (contract research) or together with the involved Siemens Unit (joint research project). The contractual basis is usually an individual or project contract.

Publicly Funded Projects

Publicly funded projects usually involve several partners from private industries and the academic world that work together as a consortium. In Germany, the federal ministries (e.g. Federal Ministry of Education and Research or Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy) are the most common source of funding. Sometimes, state ministries also have some budget to fund research projects. On European level, the EU commission and their Funding Programs (like Horizon 2020) is a common funding source.


There are different ways how Siemens and the RWTH Aachen work together with regards to a PhD program. The goal of all of those projects is always to present the research results in a disseration. The PhD-candidate can either be an employee of Siemens for the time of the doctorate or the student can continue to be part of the RWTH system. A mixture of the two possibilities is feasible as well and needs to be discussed individually.

Lectures, workshops, seminars

Siemens employees can become a lecturer at the RWTH without being employed by the university. The possiblities are limitless - starting from a stand-alone lecture or being part of a series of lectures up until holindg a seminar or workshop about a specific topic. Anything can be arranged.

Topics of cooperation

Siemens and RWTH cooperate on different topics and are eager to identify additional research fields.

  • Automation
  • Mobility
  • (renewable) Energy
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Internet of Production
  • Material Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Fuel Science